Sunday, January 18, 2015

And So It Begins...Again

After a week off of doing ANY exercise whatsoever and a few hours of procrastinating this morning, I begrudgingly layered up, laced up, coiled up and stepped outside in the freezing rain. I was not feeling it, but my friends Nathan (in Georgia), John (Oregon), David (Nevada) and Scott (Washington) made me feel like a slacker with their training talk and, "But Kathy, #WeRunTogether! We are #RunningForResearch! #GoTeamMTF! Where is your team spirit!" Okay, so it did not quite go down like that, but I can read between the lines. Way to shove me out the door with your guilt trip, guys.
L to R: Scott, John, Barry, Nathan, Me, David (in Denver, CO)

My intention was to run a 10k distance. (I have not run anything more than that since returning from injury.) I knew I could do it. I felt really good, ... soooooo I did 10 miles. Not sure when I last ran 10 miles. You bet I was happy about it, though. However, I cannot say it was a run. It was more like a jog, ice skate, swim, jog, slide, skate, jog, surf, swim. I think you get what I mean. And yes, I froze my butt off. I am not sure where I left it. Possibly when I swam through a flood. Or maybe when a car whizzed by too fast, misjudging how deep the water was, creating a wave that splashed over me. Who knows, but it is somewhere out there. Frozen.

Anyway, I do not have a marathon planned for 2015 just yet. I am thinking about it. There are too many things in the air right now that are preventing me from committing to one, but since, the Massage Therapy Foundation has chosen their three runners for their Boston Marathon bib "Running for Research" campaign, it's time to get back to running seriously again. #WeRunTogether, right? So here I go...again. Now if only I could figure out what I intend to do with all of these support #TeamMTF miles.

If you would like to help the team with their fundraising, please click here:

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